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Beloved Leader: December 2004

Beloved Leader

On-the-spot whimsy and wisdom from a Benevolent Despot.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Bballi, Bballi!

You must go here and vote for my Blog.

I have been a busy boy this week. Had the bunker wallpapered. Those Japs are starting to worry me. All the fuss over a box of bones. Good thing the Americans were not so thorough! LOL!

Been working diligently on my New Year Address. I think I will shorten hemlines again this year. Breadlines too. In fact, I'll declare any queue of more than five people an illegal assembly and have the participants jailed. If you have to wait in line, that is just poor time management. There is work you could be doing instead.

Back to hemlines. Star Trek Original Series short. But no boots...Candies or high heels. Gotta teach the girls how to march differently.

Korean Word of the Week, Dec 30

Say Hey - New Year. So that little kid in diapers replacing the Old Man must be Willy Mays, no? The Say Hey Kid?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It is Getting Cold Here!

Been very busy this weekend. I judged the Annual Mangyongdae Snow Sculpture Festival. I liked the "Chollima Pegasus of Juche" personally, but "Akira Fubuki in Nude Repose" just sang to me, especially after I learned that the team is one of the biggest contributors of foreign capital to my treasury. Yeah, I am a big fan of AF, but do you think my bozos in the Foreign Service could kidnap her for me? I can not even get them to deliver a horse's head to my idiot son without screwing it up.

But all is okay, as you capitalist dogs say. I got my anal tongue massage from Roh Mu-hyun...no not him personally. He is out and about doing my will and sent little Miss Yu to bring me Yuletide happiness. Ho, ho, ho. This Xmas thing is nice. I would initiate it here, but I look fat in red.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Texans Gone Wild

Yeehaw, Brianna at A Texan A Broad was so happy the Fusileers broke $6500 that she flashes some yubang. Sure, you jaded Americans might be disappointed she does not show the full monty, but what she has got you can make two Korean girls with.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Steel Mugunghwa

Cha! Michelle Malkin on the the O'Reilly Factor tonight! Now there's a sweetie who can whip me and make me write bad checks.

What a Funny Guy!

That Hugh Hewitt is such a reconnaisance man! Now he has his own cooking show! Go there now and bow before the mighty Northern Alliance.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Behold the Peoples Technological Revolution

Today I met with functionaries of our Ministry of Light Industries, who demonstrated some amazing consumer products. Sure, some were just pirated products with the George Foreman logo scratched off, but I was impressed by this digital clock.

All for export, of course. The masses can make do with the communal alarm clock.

The Juche Ideal Marches On

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I do not attend parades very often any more. They all look alike after a while. Maybe if there were some big-ass balloons like Macy's has....

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Yeah, We Showed 'Em

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From some puppet rag.

Ooh! More Movies!

Caltech Girl at Not Exactly Rocket Science really does post some rocket science. Just what I was looking for! Really, the only reason I am pursuing a missile program is because our special effects suck eggs...if the Democratic Peoples Republic can get into space, we can make great movies there. CG cast a bunch of bloggers in Star Wars parts...I would make a great Palpatine, even got the poofy hair for it, but nobody ask me. Special graphics by Cowboy Blob, who animated my Cthulhugh picture here. Still no comment from Hewitt, I think he changed his number.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Workin in a Coal Mine...Goin Down and Down

That is such a great tune!

I have been reading about these American imperialist GIs who refuse to join their military units at war. In my country, these dogs would be put against a wall and shot! And their families would be sent to work in the coal mines! You think Chinese coal mines are bad...they just look that way because there is a press presence in China. You see the Star Trek movie where Kirk got sentenced to a Klingon mining camp? Throw in some cabbage and garlic smell and you've got one of my punitive labor mines. The smell is just to trick them into thinking we will feed them some day.

Baldilocks of the Fusileer Warmongers got all touchy-feely about war, destruction, and stuff, then grows a backbone when some Marines get blown up. Hey, you get carpetbombed and let some Marines stomp over your country and piss in the Tumangang and you grow adamantine backbone! *Sigh* Ya know, I was talking to Hugh Hewitt in the hot tub the other day (by phone, you dirty-minded dogs!) and I suggested America go back to press gangs. Hey, it works for me!


I don't know why people with a foot fetish would devote a blog to me, but whatever. Hat tip to Dust My Broom.

Friday, December 10, 2004

I Love Movies

Even from Warmonger Groupies. Deluded girl who calls herself Patriette is playing upon nationalistic fervor and sympathy to stir up support for the Fighting Fusileers in the Spirit of America Blogger Challenge. Poor Fusileers, being crushed by the Mighty Northern Alliance! O Mighty Hewitt, ... Ia Ia Cthulhugh Fthagn! LOL
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Korean Word of the Week, 9 Dec

Ji-dong - Earthquake. What you will feel if I must unleash my nuclear hammer upon you imperialists (those well outside blast radius, I mean).

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Nothing like a good hot bath, a massage with happy ending, and a nap to see the world anew. You like my new template? I do not know what screwed up my old one, but I suspect it was provocation from new neo-con CIA. Please, shower me with nuturing feedback.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Man, this American culture thing is kicking my ass. Here I am trying to siphon satellite secrets from Yankee computer called Techography, when he start rambling about heavenly visitation and drawing his gun and helping Iraq and Afghanistan. It had some rhyming words at the end of the lines, so it must be a poem. My brain hurts. I think I will put some more charcoal and poor me a Hennessey.

I hate to ask for help

Somehow, my sidebar went south like so many ungrateful peasants. I can't figure out why, and I can not ask the locals for help. What causes a sidebar to jump to the bottom? Please leave a comment.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I Like Kittens, Too

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Those churlish warmongers are once again pimping for dough to provide freedom for the peoples of Iraq. The Cool Blue Blog has launched a link-filled propaganda rant that besmirches the freedom-loving, and I remind you, nuclear-armed Northern Alliance. Do not believe those lies!

Must Practice Heroic Stances (Updated)

Aaron at Aaron's Rantblog has offered to commission a bronze statue of me for a park in some city called Blogopoly. Damned pre-CCCP break-up atlas doesn't have it anywhere.

I had a drawn out discussion about this with General Min of my bodygaurd. He said it should be cast from solid gold for a personage of my Greatness, but I reminded him of my deemphasizing my personality cult. Seeing the wisdom of my words, General Min prefer bronze.

Update: Aaron talked me out of the bronze statue [oops...almost did write something anti-Semitic there], but he immortalized me in song! That will endure much longer and no reactionary pigeon can poop on it. And while I bask in the love of the joyously singing masses, I can wear these way cool shade glasses he make for me. I will leave the pic under the banner for a while so you can admire them, and they would not get crushed under the gravitas of my words.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Girl Fight!

Aaron, the Liberal's Slayer, has ringside seat to Battle of the Blogosphere Babes, featuring golden-haired honeys delivering some smackdown! His post has more blondes than episode of Baywatch and more links than chainmail boxer shorts. He should post more pics, I hope.

Kids...What Can You Do?

On my other blog, (ooh, I feel like Glenn Reynolds!) I am ranting about my stupid son discovering Email! Some progressive commenter is now asking me for Madeleine Albright's Email address so they can form some sort of cool Email group. Aniyo haksaeng! Non! Nein! Nyet! Do not even think about it! She sends me those graphics-heavy hokey chainletters with the animated icons with the threat that if I do not send this to 10 friends, my genitals will turn into a gas heavier than air and float into a crack in the floor. I do not have 10 friends! My brother does not even write! Or did I have him killed? It is so hard to keep up lately.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Must Study These Warmongers

Fine...I've got a weekend to kill.

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Give Now, Comrades

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The Northern Alliance is where I go for all my capitalist tool droning, ass-sex stories, and Gnat-blogging needs. Now they want you send money to Iraq so they can be free. Freedom is good...it is a lot harder to have a Marxist revolution in a fascist theocracy than a fragile democracy. Free Iraq!

Those capitalist warmongers continue their provocative mechanations and saber-rattling. We will establish countermeasures by promising butt sex with Washingtonienne for donations over US$1000.

For those of you members of the Illiterati, pictured (L - R) is Hindrocket of Powerline, Ana (Wonkette), and yours truly.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Korean Word of the Week, 2 Dec

Tongji - "Honorable comrade;" as opposed to tongmu for "comrade." Keep that in mind when addressing me.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Bad Pictures?

Is anybody else having trouble seeing my pictures? The imperial lizard tells me he can not see my pictures. Please comment or Email me at belovedldr -at- yahoo -dot- com.

Update: Problem fixed. Do not use Yahoo to host pictures, comrades. Many thank yous to Imperialist Reptile. I will nuke Arizona last.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I'm a Busy Man

Shamelessly usurped from INDC Journal

They're still using Fusils?

The American capitalist warmongers are gathering flintlock muskets to send to the quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan. See how desparate they are? They gather spears next, I will bet on it.

Check out these jokers at Finding Fusileers for Freedom.

Sneaky Capitalist Dogs

Sitemeter tells me that people from af.mil have found my blog! Ha, whassamatter, yellow dogs, CIA ca not tell you anything? Try CNN! I like Wolf Blitzer, he's funny looking.

Maybe you want to defect to Democratic Peoples Republic? I know why. Criminal war in Iraq quagmire soon will pull you in. Sure, enjoy your soju and capitalist chattel in south Korea now, but when you go to quagmire, no soju, no juicy girls, just sand and falling mortar bombs. Or get posted in some stinky European country where everybody hate you and your dollar worth almost nothing. So, come on North, you know you want to. Just wiggle your wings and we promise to not blot you out of the sky with our mighty air defenses. We'll even keep a warm and compliant comrade on stand by for you.