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Beloved Leader: Workin in a Coal Mine...Goin Down and Down

Beloved Leader

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Workin in a Coal Mine...Goin Down and Down

That is such a great tune!

I have been reading about these American imperialist GIs who refuse to join their military units at war. In my country, these dogs would be put against a wall and shot! And their families would be sent to work in the coal mines! You think Chinese coal mines are bad...they just look that way because there is a press presence in China. You see the Star Trek movie where Kirk got sentenced to a Klingon mining camp? Throw in some cabbage and garlic smell and you've got one of my punitive labor mines. The smell is just to trick them into thinking we will feed them some day.

Baldilocks of the Fusileer Warmongers got all touchy-feely about war, destruction, and stuff, then grows a backbone when some Marines get blown up. Hey, you get carpetbombed and let some Marines stomp over your country and piss in the Tumangang and you grow adamantine backbone! *Sigh* Ya know, I was talking to Hugh Hewitt in the hot tub the other day (by phone, you dirty-minded dogs!) and I suggested America go back to press gangs. Hey, it works for me!


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