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Beloved Leader: Must Practice Heroic Stances (Updated)

Beloved Leader

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Must Practice Heroic Stances (Updated)

Aaron at Aaron's Rantblog has offered to commission a bronze statue of me for a park in some city called Blogopoly. Damned pre-CCCP break-up atlas doesn't have it anywhere.

I had a drawn out discussion about this with General Min of my bodygaurd. He said it should be cast from solid gold for a personage of my Greatness, but I reminded him of my deemphasizing my personality cult. Seeing the wisdom of my words, General Min prefer bronze.

Update: Aaron talked me out of the bronze statue [oops...almost did write something anti-Semitic there], but he immortalized me in song! That will endure much longer and no reactionary pigeon can poop on it. And while I bask in the love of the joyously singing masses, I can wear these way cool shade glasses he make for me. I will leave the pic under the banner for a while so you can admire them, and they would not get crushed under the gravitas of my words.


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