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Beloved Leader: Sneaky Capitalist Dogs

Beloved Leader

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Sneaky Capitalist Dogs

Sitemeter tells me that people from af.mil have found my blog! Ha, whassamatter, yellow dogs, CIA ca not tell you anything? Try CNN! I like Wolf Blitzer, he's funny looking.

Maybe you want to defect to Democratic Peoples Republic? I know why. Criminal war in Iraq quagmire soon will pull you in. Sure, enjoy your soju and capitalist chattel in south Korea now, but when you go to quagmire, no soju, no juicy girls, just sand and falling mortar bombs. Or get posted in some stinky European country where everybody hate you and your dollar worth almost nothing. So, come on North, you know you want to. Just wiggle your wings and we promise to not blot you out of the sky with our mighty air defenses. We'll even keep a warm and compliant comrade on stand by for you.


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