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Beloved Leader: Kim Jong-Il Shot

Beloved Leader

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Kim Jong-Il Shot

Geez, that's all I've been hearing nowadays! I'm too damed mad to even link the stories! Geez, like you've never played paintball and never gotten any paint on you! That little homo in the Worker/Peasant Red Guard is going to do so heavy-duty mine time for running his mouth off for this! That's what I get for trying to bring quality entertainment to the masses! Next time, I'll just give them a box of leeches and a pan of mud to play with!

Now, think of Akira Fubuki, and touch yourself in a patriotic way. Chosun needs your jism to replace this crop of sorry excuses for a gene pool. Maybe she should resume our kidnapping operations, no?


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