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Beloved Leader: Heh, It's the Washington Freaking Times!

Beloved Leader

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Heh, It's the Washington Freaking Times!

This capitalist propaganda came out today saying that I test lethal gas on prisoners and now some are saying that I'm an evil guy. Are you going to trust the same rag own by that religious nutjob Moonie who claimed they find bioweapons labs in Iraq? Moon is clearly a Bushpuppet-lapdog from Chon Du-hwan's murderous clique who will print anything to smear me.

And who are you Americans to talk? You test cosmetics and cleaning solvents on fluffy bunnies and cute little puppies. Of what crime are these bunnies and puppies guilty? These so-called prisoners are guilty of treason--if they even exist, but I know they don't. And what do I need with lethal gas? I have nuclear weapons now! Don't have to test those on people, do I? Or do I?

I like fluffy bunnies.


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