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Beloved Leader: A Little Secret

Beloved Leader

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

A Little Secret

I have scaled my public duties somewhat that lots of people are noticing. Hey, you try to run a country and try read 200 blogs a day! Sometimes I do not even get through the Munuvians before some staffer comes in to annoy me about a defection here, and explosion there, famine some where. I say, "Hey, Yong-nam, you handle the little shit, okay?"

Speaking of little shit, that Impostor Blog is acting screwy. I get two lines and then nothing. Could he be blocking me from reading his blog? I think a better explanation is the State Security Department put the whammy on the guy and/or his blog and have not told me yet. They probably fighting over who gets credit.

See where my favorite Communist blog is running a show trial. We do not do much of those here. Show executions, yes, but trial? Why bother. The Party is right, the Army is the Party, the Army is right, Army shoots slacker/dissident/hoarder/criminal and everybody gets back to work. What work gets done when every sits in a court room?


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