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Beloved Leader: Don't Panic!

Beloved Leader

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Don't Panic!

I know some of you Westerners are concerned by some of my portraits disappearing around Pyongyang. Don't get excited! I'm having new Glamorshots taken this week. Some in my Marshal's uniform, some in nice gray suit. My faves are those of me in my Nike sweats with the Democratic People's Republic beach volleyball team all around me. Believe me, this will turn little "emigration" problem around.

I've been neglecting my English blog too much. Sorry, I've been working with my language coach...I am quite fluent really, but now today, I see that a black woman will be the face of you Imperialist Americans. So, I've been hitting my Good Times and Yo-MTV tapes to learn the idiom of her kind. All the better to dominate negotiations you will inevitably seek to avoid the mighty fist of my atomic weapons! I will woo her and win her just like I dry-humped that bee-yotch you sent last time. I am Da Man!
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