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Beloved Leader: Alexander Schmalexander

Beloved Leader

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Alexander Schmalexander

Kurt Preston at Ipse Dixit put up his top 10 military leaders of all time and doesn't even have one Korean on it! This slight will not be ignored. I will rant off-line, but now my list:

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1. Marshal Kim Il-sung, of course! He drove the imperial Japanese off the peninsula during the War of Liberation, liberated Korea several times during the War of American Aggression, and single-handedly fended off the Yankee dogs during the Cold War.

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2. Admiral Yi Sun-sin sank the imperial Japanese fleet with his armored turleships.

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3. General Sun Tsu's works of military genius are almost as widely read as my father's.

4. Ghenghis Khan conquered Europe and China in a fashion reminiscent of the Great Leader Marshal Kim Il-sung.

5. Tamarlane was pretty good.

6. Marshal Georgi Zhuikov used to send my Father May Day cards for years.

7. I can't really think of any more. It is time for my massage, any way.


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