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Beloved Leader: April 2009

Beloved Leader

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Korean Word of the Month

Uju Sonsu - Cosmonaut

Yes, I know have not blogged for quite a while. I was too excited over this that I kept away from the Internets for quite a while -- of course, traveling to the Northeast, that sort of goes without saying. "Can you hear me now?" No, comrade! "Can you hear me now?" *BANG!* You are pissing me off, Comrade!

Anyway, the vehicle made its lift-up and delivered its payload, an astronaut analog, pleasantly downrange. By "analog," I mean the asshole who sank half my foreign capital into Polaroid stocks before they went bust, then had the unwise filial piety to come back to Japan to visit his mother. A bullet was too good for that pyongshin! I treasure the recordings of his screams as he was careening toward the heavens, then the change in pitch when he realized he wasn't going to get a nice relaxing death from suffocation.

His mother and I had something going on, once upon a time. I will have to send her something nice. Have you ideas?