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Beloved Leader: January 2009

Beloved Leader

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Korean Word of the Month

Aggim Omnun Sarang - A Love with No Holding Back. Sounds romantic, but I cannot afford that. I must leave a little something-something for the girls on the night shift, no?

I Miss Those Days

Blog Awards?

What is a Blog Award? Reader Roboseyo informed me to his Korea Sparkle, where somehow I am in the Funniest Blog list. He thinks I am FUNNY? Is that mirth-inducing HOHO FUNNY? Slip-on-the-ice HEHE FUNNY? Or Funny like that Colonel in the 55th Regiment they caught wearing the black rubber underwear?

I am listed above these blogs:

Chubbo Chubbington
Dokdo Is Ours
Eat Your Kimchi
George Goes Korean
I Got 2 Shoes
Stuff Korean Moms Like
A White Man In Korea

but do not assume the fix is on it. Once we locate a new blogroll cadre, I must have them add these presumably entertaining blogs. That is, unless they are rubber-underwear-funny.