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Beloved Leader: August 2005

Beloved Leader

On-the-spot whimsy and wisdom from a Benevolent Despot.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Coed Naked Kangkangsullae

Something the Service Girls dreamed up for Chusok/Liberation Day. Picture the traditional Korean moondance, only buck-naked, oiled-up, with me in the middle...and 10 lashes to whomever breaks bodily contact. It is good that I have put on weight...more surface area to love!

Forgive me for not blogging much this month; the Overseas Bureau nicked a shipment of Cialis samples while doing some dry work amidst the capitalists. Not that my steely virility needs any help...oh, no! Just doing some recreational (or is it procreational?) experimentation. Think powdered-Cialis-makoli smoothie! I could rejunvenate my whole economy by selling this abroad. One can get over the chalky taste for a quality sexual experience, no?

Korean Word of the Week 05.8.17

Kanchop - Spy.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Where in the DPRK?

I have noticed some blogs have caption contests and "name this hardware thingee" events to encourage interaction with the readers. Well, I know half of my readers are yankee air pirates and sneaky capitalist spies, so I will use some of your own film against you. Name the landmark at the right and win your choice of a bronze statue in your likeness to be erected in the Chongjin City Square, five grams of premium methamphetimines, or two kilos of songi mushrooms.

I make no claims as to the north-south orientation of this picture.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pick a Winner, Comrade