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Beloved Leader: Korean Word of 55 Years Ago

Beloved Leader

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Korean Word of 55 Years Ago

Yewk-ee-oh Sagon - "6.25 Incident," the dastard June 25th attack by puppet south Korean forces, repelled by my Father, Marshall Kim Il-sung. By counter-attacking deep down the Peninsula, we had almost liberated our brothers in the South, but the puppets brought in the Americans with their big noses and their corncob pipes. Well, if they wanted to play the ringer game, we showed them we could play as well...a horde of Chinese minutemen rose up with brotherly ire and came to repel the dogs from the Fatherland. Equally nice were the Soviet air volunteers who came and taught our Mig pilots navigation (many would fly the wrong way trying to find home and be captured by the enemy).

Leading the guerilla war was General Choe Hyun (left). Where did we get such men?

Their work is not yet over. The Armistice remains for half a century, but no peace treaty to end the war. Come on, America, sign it and let us declare victory. It is not the first war you have lost.


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