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Beloved Leader: Where the Hell/Chosun Can I Find a Mac?

Beloved Leader

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Where the Hell/Chosun Can I Find a Mac?

A devoted reader of mine suggested I try this game. Uncle Kim has a Dell smuggled in from Juche sympathizers in California, not a Mac for which this game is designed. Plus, my 26.4 dial-up would take a week to download the game. You want a medal? Design me a game for my PC! We have "Missile Command" on the Atari system in the bunker at Air Force; I have the high score! Our Commodore 64 finally died this year. So much for my M.U.L.E. fix! Boompa-chucka-Boompa-chucka....


At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Leader,

Have you played Simbabwe? It honors a kindred soul of yours, Comrade Bob Mugabe.

Oh, you'll need a Mac for it to, so I'll get the Yongdeok reeducation camp chip designers cracking (or cracked) to juche a compatible machine.

With feeling and proletarian revolutionary goodwill,

Comrade Tovarich


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