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Beloved Leader: A Crony of my Owny

Beloved Leader

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Crony of my Owny

Actually, it is Nepotism. The western press is squealing like piglets over my finally naming a successor, my Number Two Son, Potato Head. What is the big affair? Let us see...in America: Adams times two, the Harrisons, the Johnsons, the Taylors, the Clevelands, the Roosevelts--tell me Jeb will not be the Third Bush in the White House! And you scoff at MY FATHER's dynasty! We could kidnap a random Korean from the south and make him the New Leader--and his name would probably be Kim and you big-noses would still have a fit. So I will tolerate no more jaw from you all.

And this Supreme Judicial Council nominee...she is Dubyu's comrade, no? What is wrong with finding jobs for those you trust? It has kept me alive for this long. And finding jobs for your cronies is so much more worse that pardoning them, eh, Slick Billy?

I predict the mousy lady will get approved, Bush's support will collapse, and Republicans will stay away on Election Day in masses. Then Hillary will win in 08 and I will finally get my Peace Treaty, Reparations, Light Water Reactors, and Summit Meeting with the Heavy Ankled One. I bet I can drink her under the table.

That is a figure of speech, you freaks.

Submitted to the newspaper in Mudville. Where is that, exactly?


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