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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Blog Things

I newly added the word verification feature to hopefully slow down the pyongshin who has been adding comment links to girlie sites from which I do not get a cut. I have been diligently working to squeeze from the Imperialist dogs some free light water reactors, seeing as how we could not scratch them down to a surrender agreement. Not much time for blogging or surfing.

Have I missed much? Confused...who leads the USA Democratic Party now? Howard Reid, Harold Dean, or that Sheehan witch with the nose the size Paengnyon Island? Was she in south Korea? My operatives inside and around Camp Casey report no smelly American protestors there. Maybe some smelly Korean protestors, but that is what I pay them to do. I doubled checked the talking points the Overseas Bureau passed them and everything is in order. They do not know what Sheehan is reading, but I suspect a loose cannon in the bureau with a hard-one for Jews. Might be the same guy who must shredding the stuff Babs Streisand is supposed to get. Great O Jin-u's Ghost, I hate when she tries to whinge it.


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