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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Capitalist Goons

Franklin Fisher / S&S
Demonstrators outside Osan Air Base, South Korea, on Tuesday protest what they say were shakedowns of local Korean bar owners by U.S. Air Force security police responsible for patrolling the off-base bar district.

From the Stars and Stripes.

OSAN AIR BASE, South Korea — Base officials here have reshuffled the Air Force police team that patrols the off-base bar district amid allegations some of its members shook down Korean bar owners for bribes and sexual favors, officials said.

The airmen raised the threat of having the bars put off-limits to U.S. troops, according to South Korean media reports and a civic group that mounted a protest rally outside the base Tuesday.

Air Force Office of Special Investigations agents are probing the allegations, officials said.

“The investigation is ongoing and may implicate several others,” stated a news release issued Tuesday by U.S. Forces Korea.

The shakedowns reportedly involved 51st Security Forces Squadron airmen assigned to the “town patrol” that patrols the bar district outside the Osan Air Base main gate.

This would never happen in the Democratic Peoples Republic. When the Peoples Army patrols among the masses, the people want to offer them money and sexual favors. No "shakedown" necessary when you are beloved by the masses. It does not hurt to have two kilos of rice and three potatoes in your rucksack while you are patrolling.


At 10:13 AM, Anonymous KO said...

Sometimes, I wish I could be cool enough to be beloved by the masses just like the dear leader

At 2:36 AM, Blogger BillyBudd said...

I read the last sentence wrong and thought it said three potatoes in your nutsack.....wow that would be impressive Beloved leader

At 12:30 PM, Blogger Beloved Leader said...

Actually, it is two potatoes and a zucchini.

At 11:19 AM, Blogger The American Warmonger said...

Wouldn't that be an unchopped sùndaè Mr. Kim?

I've been to Osan. If anything it was the bar owners asking for money and sexual favors.

Everybody loves the MeeGuk Chajee!


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