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Beloved Leader: Why Should I Not Crawl Into the Bottle?

Beloved Leader

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why Should I Not Crawl Into the Bottle?

Elections in Afghanistan, graveyard of empires, and Iraq. The Putin-influenced election in Ukraine overturned. Australia and America falling to the warmongers. Egypt allowing political opposition...Lebanon dissolving its pro-Syrian government. Bush calling Chirac a "good cowboy" and Condi Rice in those boots. Rrrroooowlll!

With all that, and those carrion-birds trying to drag us into the Six-Party talks, why should I not spent the night with Mister Hennessey and a bag of squid-flavored peanut crunchies? Those Japs are now putting the squeeze on my shipping, insisting on insurance, so I might just have to release all that seafood to the masses instead of raking in the foreign capital with it. I am hoping that will not give them the strength to rise up and actually call for Egyptian-style democracy or anything. It might be better to just burn the stuff.


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