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Beloved Leader: Korean Word of the Day, February 6

Beloved Leader

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Korean Word of the Day, February 6

Bap - Cooked rice. As rice is such a staple in Korea (kinda like tree bark for those wacky tree-lovers in the northeast) the word means much more than just rice in our language; it means food itself.

Bap-sang: Dinner table
Kae-bap: Dog food (no, not dogmeat and rice! Everyone knows dog is best served in soup!)
Bap-bolli: Literally "rice earning" equates to "bread-winning" and "bringing home the bacon."

It is also good for some put-downs.

Bap-tong: Literally "rice barrel" can be used to describe that good-for-nothing agent of mine who is still unable to deliver Akira Fubuki to my bedchamber.

Bap-taeki: Literally "rice cooker" can get you a night on the couch with a case of "lac'o'nookie" if you use it on the little woman.


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