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Friday, January 28, 2005

My Little Bunko

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I had this picture as my computer wallpaper several years ago...is she not sweet? I caught one of my bodyguards chuckling behind my back; I only had to pull one of his fingernails out before he confessed that she was a Jap porn star and not just a pretty young model. I was crushed momentarily, but then realized "Hey, she's a Jap." Those capitalists dogs know how to wring a yen out of anything good. They bring in a cute little schoolgirl to service my desires and she gets a portrait of me and a new pair of shoes. Off she goes, content that she has done her duty to her Fatherland and her Father Figure (good tune, that...wonder what that guy is up to lately?) Jap schoolgirls bang guys on video for money and fame? Infamy, more like it. Do they not have parents? I am sure the filthy lucre their young tramp brings home assuages their great sense of shame.

Assuages...did I use that right? I reminds me of sausages...I think I will go have dinner now.


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