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Beloved Leader: Is it about ME yet?

Beloved Leader

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Is it about ME yet?

The Yankee news cycle puzzles me. Deposed president "BJ" Clinton gestures like a fishmonger at a Bush clique propagandist and I could have declared war to the music of crickets for all the attention they pay. Remember me? I launched missiles! I defied the do-nothing Ignited Nations and produced atomic weapons for self-defense and who gets all the airplay? A hillbilly sheisster (spelling?), a hairy, smelly midget, and a greasy brown thug who calls Bush a devil, but continues to send sweet, sweet oil to the Great Satan...but none to his socialist brother in the Dem. Peoples Republic!

Oh, do not wag your finger and call me a racist. Some of my best friends are brown.


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