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Beloved Leader

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So...the Americans launch their space plane and fire several million rockets today...and they are birthing a cow over a few of our rockets?

Bitch, please! And you Japs, quit your hand-wringing! I had to toss in some extra rockets just to overcome the yawn factor. I mean, the Palestinians have made rocketry almost passe. How are they doing with that Kassaam Project, anyway? I have not been keeping up.

Hyonjijito: Ten damned rockets! And this I had to find out from my spies on the Internets ! I gave the okay to send up a few extra tubes to challenge the Yankee Space Pirates--and those chuckleheads send up a year's gross national product worth of ballistic missiles! I used to think I was in control here. Maybe they reached their shelf life. I better make sure I have enough left....


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