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Beloved Leader: In Case You Are Wondering

Beloved Leader

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

In Case You Are Wondering

Yes, I am back blogging. For today, anyway. Last week, the Light Industry Minister brought me a case of the new energy drink one of his bureaus is developing. I had a few Red Boars with lunch. Not bad except for the dirty ginseng aftertaste. And the raging priapism it inflicted on me. So, why waste it? I added to my Legend by servicing the 34th Bodyguard Platoon before dinner, then the typing clerks (a couple of real lookers there), and spent the evening soaking in a tub of cold water. I couldn't sleep for three days, so I did get some blog reading done. I do not know if any permanent damage has been done, but I had the rest of the case flushed down the toilet. Minister So is humping bricks at a construction site now.


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