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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Had this really great idea for a post thought up but Blogger was down. Rather than write things down, I surfed some internet porn just to make sure the entire Internet was not broken. It was not. Thank the Goddess of Pixels for that. If I was Al Qaida, the servers with all the porn on them would be my number one target. I am happy they did not think of it; I have some of my favorite stuff on CD just in case. Now I direct my ire to Blogger. You would think for as much as I paid for this blog, I could get some service! These guys are as spotty as Hyesan Power and Light! I must talk to Vladimir about buying Munuvia or something.

Drat! Now what was that great idea I had?


At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Marcus said...

Without internet porn, there would be no reason for living.

Or perhaps that's life without booze...

No wait... Without booze and internet porn, there would be no reason for living!

Oh shit, I forgot about gambling.

Okay, without internet porn, booze, and gambling, life would not be worth living.

Then again, life is still okay as long as there are plenty of hot Asian and red-headed chicks around.

Forget it. This is all so confusing. I must go consult with the Holy Oracle--Jim Beam.



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